Monday, August 19, 2013

today's been a sad day. well it's just the little things that go wrong which makes you ):

yesterday my cousin went to get balloons for the engagement shoot. so expensive, but soooo big.
round balloons are the best. didn't take of photo with them though.

the oval ones weren't as big which they bought from hk, they got it filled but then changed their mind, and bought the circle ones. 

don't normally take selfies...only got less than a quarter of the balloon in. it was THAT massive.

ok, onto the ): parts of the day.

woke up late. was supposed to take bro to the bus stop since my parents were going to leave early to drive them around for their photo shoot. didn't end up driving my bro, had to trouble my parents.

then since i was late anyways, i decided to get free maccas. the person gave out the mcmuffins to people who recently came, not people who ordered first, so i was pushed back behind 3 other people ):

then when i held it in my hand, it felt super light.
sausage and egg McMuffin. NO EGG!!! it was sooooo thin. i remember last time the patty thing inside was quite thick, so was the bun and the egg. this thing i'm holding is only about 2cm. last time they were about 4/5cm thickness. well, i guess it's free, but stilllll... i was craving egg and decided that i'll make a nicely poached egg for dinner. turns out my sandwich was jam packed with deliciousness and it had an egg in it as well, so my egg craving in the morning was satisfied (thanks mum!)

got so lost in optics and missed copying a diagram. then i drew this other diagram too small to see what was going on, and i already coloured some lines, so i couldn't re-do it ):

had dissection today. wasn't that great tbh. i sneaked in to the earlier lab, but i arrived late, so it was quite obvious i wasn't supposed to be there since it was 3 people per eye. so i didn't get as much "hands on" experience.

friend took this pic. it's a bull's eye. the inside is soo colourful, but humans don't have it since we don't need to allow so much light into our eyes, unlike cows who put there head down all day and it's "darker" than normal.

also, i feel so sorry for my cousin. my mum was holding the round circular balloon at central (since they wanted to take some pics at central station as hk MTR's are completely different to sydney's old train stations), and a freakin bogan comes up with a glass cup and pops the balloon. a balloon cost about $30 and they still didn't start taking photos with it yet! so my parents chased that dude, but he ran off, then my parents caught up to tell them off and were going to "report him to the police". well, my cousins photoshoot was on a tight schedule since they had to go to woollongong as well. to the lawyers out there, can you even file a complaint of damage of property? and since it's filled with helium, it made a super loud sound, and i guess if i had time/was there, i would complain that shock triggered/harmed some other medical conditions.

in MC, they showed the A2 milk to expire at 17 July. so we're at least a 1.5 months behind in reality (since A2 milk lasts long. no, woolies' macro milk can last for over a month. that one is the longest).

i recently discovered the UNSW free food facebook group. you know what? i'm kind of over free cheap, quality food. walked pass free fairy bread/cordial last week, and didn't bother with free tea/coffee this week. these days, when i have a free bbq, i cringe at the sugar/salt/energy loaded unhealthy white bread that comes with the sausage. i think it's also from today's free mcmuffin that i'm starting to lose interest in cheap quality free food.

group on had the $2 mothers crepes again, but it sold out in about a day. they have less flavours this time round, like no green tea/VB. i wonder if i use my voucher which were the first lot w/ a larger selection of flavour if they'll give it to me...i guess it doesn't really matter since i've tried the green tea already.

coming home, all these tute stuff which i try to attempt, but i can't do it. so i spend my night staring at it ): argh, phys, don't feel like i'm learning anything from the lecturer.

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  1. the balloon issue really sucks, i'd be so pissed and chase after him and give him a real piece of my mind

    on another note, i remember doing the bull's eye dissection back in year 10 baulko and it stank really badly lol