Saturday, August 24, 2013

Magnum Pleasure Store

i've actually walked past the Magnum Pleasure Store a few times during the 6 weeks, but everytime i thought it wasn't worth buying. most of the time the lines weren't that long, but when i wanted the magnum yday, the line was horrendous.

then came friday evening and i suddenly had a massive urge for a custom made magnum. you see, if i don't have a particular type of food, i can't study. (like during the hsc, i saw zumbo's packet mix first hitting the shelves, and saw the sale in the catalogue, and i just had to get my mum to buy it, or else all i could think about were his packet mix macarons and not what i was supposed to be studying).

so i woke up early today (before 9am on a saturday) to go out to the city just for ice cream. ice cream for breakfast! i've never gone out to the city just for one thing. i hope this doesn't happen again. it wasn't a massive waste of time since i got home before 11am. 

so good getting there at 9.30ish, when the store just opened. there was a line, but it was super short, about 10 people ie, you could stand behind the counter. originally there was only one person making it, and one person at the cashier, but in 10mins of the store opening, they got another guy. 

dipping of the magnum.


vanilla magnum with dark chocolate coating, rose petals, rose praline, pistachio, crumbled meringue and white chocolate drizzle-$7

look how colourful it is! i wanted to contrast the different colours (:


the side. you can also the bottom. when they sprinkled the toppings, they sprinkled most of the meringue to act as as base to place the magnum on top.

it was sooooo good! it surprisingly wasn't sweet. maybe it was because i got dark choc, but the ice cream itself wasn't as sweet as normal (maybe they're cutting the cost of sugar), but i liked it that way to accentuate the flavour of the toppings. so why did i choose those toppings? not because of the colour, because they're one of the most expensive option. definitely needed to choose at least a type of nuts, and pitachios are my favourite out of the options (: and the green complements the pink. i love rose petals! i love any edible flower tbh. i've never had rose praline before, so i chose that. you could taste the rose and the nuts, and i think this was sweeter than the ice cream itself, but it was sooo good. also added some crunch (the pistachios were finely crushed so didn't have a big crunch). i also love meringue! and this was another interesting texture, since some of the white choc melted on it, and it gave a pleasant chewy texture.

i don't understand why people put choc sprinkles/more chocolate stuff and they already coated it with milk choc, and also a milk choc drizzle. it's just the same flavour throughout, and also it doesn't even look nice in a photo if everything is brown. i should've asked for a milk choc button, so i could have tried all three flavours, but the white looks nice. i have so many photos of it on my phone, don't know which ones to delete lol.

the coating did set, but it wasn't hard, and was slightly chewy. it didn't have the crack a normal magnum have. whenever i eat a normal magnum, it's hard to eat it without dropping some of the coating. i guess it's ok here because a cracked coating with toppings would be too awkward to eat. since i went in the morning, i managed to get a magnum chair and chilled there for quite a while (: surprisingly, a lot of people also went buy themselves.

i finally caught a double decker bus today in sydney! i was surprised to see one in off-peak weekend time. i saw the front seat was empty and literally ran to it.

such a nice and different view (: so empty compared to weekdays.

it got too sunny, so i ended up sitting in the 2nd row, haha. 

went to friend's house in the inner city for bbq later at night. ate soooo much meat. actually, i could've eaten more, but if you scrolled down at what i've eaten the past week. i'm trying to eat less. my dad kept asking me if i had my licence, so he could drink. of course,  always carry it around with me. when i was going to pick my bro up from rice (since friend's house is just 10min from city), turns out there were no green P plates in the car! so someone else picked him up, while my dad drew two green P's with a marker and wrapped it around L plates (they only had L's in their house).

my parents and cousin who has an international licence all drank at least 5 glasses of wine, so i guess i had to drive. ended up leaving at 12am. only did about 3 hours of work, and those hours they were "slow paced" trying to work out stuff. a super unproductive day ):

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