Thursday, August 22, 2013

Penne Alla Elisa

skipped chem lec today because i was super tired, skipped yday one for food =/

stupid field of vision eye test. it's quite tiring, and i have to get re-tested for a third time again. another hour of my life gone. i just keep clicking the button, must do it properly next time. it made me miss out on three places w/ free food, one of which had free food on ceramic plates-"high class"

visual illusions are so cool.

had dinner out at an italian restaurant, and a dish had my name!
the one on the left is called Penne Alla Elisa. and they actually pronounced it my way! it had prawns, avocado, pesto, garlic in a pink sauce w/penne pasta.

they now have a website, and you can order online. yay for 2nd free dinner this week since it was "work dinner" and my dad's boss paid. it's actually quite taxing on your body to eat out for dinner more than once a week. sometimes i'm glad i don't go out for weekly lunches/dinners since eating out continuously is sooo unhealthy.

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