Saturday, August 3, 2013

now another thing to add onto my wish list: a milk frother. imagine all the lattes you can have in every single flavour you want. nespresso ones look good, but weren't fast ): then i had another "epiphany" that if i am rich enough/have room to buy a coffee machine with a frother, then the previous plug in frother would be useless/waste of money. i would also love a kitchen aid (then again, i don't cook a lot since it has many non-baking functions as well) or a mix master. my hand mixer heats up quite quickly. envy those masterchef people who just chucks stuff in and can walk away whilst doing something else. again, i have no room to put a mixmaster and don't bake as often as i would like...but these are stuff i shall "invest" in after i invest in a house. lol, the irony, i don't even have a job.

made banana bread today, breakfast for the rest of this week. next time i need more bi-carb soda. store bought banana bread is always different to homemade.

my uncle went to penang, malaysia for the durian festival, never knew something like that existed. apparently when i was young, whenever went to hk, i would eat heaps of durian, i still remember it/have photos of it. now i can't even stand it. so much for it being an aquired taste type of food...but he said the malaysian durian (unlike thailand) have this frangipani smell, and have aloe vero like type of liquid oozing from the stem. so it doesn't smell like durian, and taste different (Happy Apple, have you had them before from Malaysia...)

so i do have work to do, but ceebs. new tactic for this sem: don't aimlessly write notes and try visn tute questions. they give out answers and for visn, learning from the answers is so much easier than trying it. that can't be said for chem or phys though...damn those phys quizzes...I understand what Dandelion said earlier this year about checking over 5 websites just to see if you are up to date with everything.

every time i have twinings chai tea, i decrease how much water i put in it, but the flavour is still not intense ): t2 chai is good (: i still have to say qvb tea room has the best chai tea.

would love to have gone out today, but i legit have no money. i don't get any allowance, but i know consciously when i have used too much. when the great gatsby premiered in syd and some of the cast were interviewed on the project they talked about coffee and i forgot the places. a quick google search told me tobey macguire's fav coffee places in sydney are reubin hills and single origin roasters in surry hills. will defs go there when i have money.


  1. Yes, I have had Malaysian durian in Sibu, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi! I didn't notice the aloe vera smell but they are quite sweet (except the T41 variety but apparently the more bitter, the better it is for you, so it's expensive). But I can understand the frangipani smell thing!

  2. Single Origin Roast Coffee is apparently really good, let's go one day when I learn to appreciate coffee