Friday, August 23, 2013

Masterchef kind of Day

today has been a disappointing/interesting day.

was going to watch a movie, but my friend forgot the free movie tickets. i haven't bought a full priced ticket for a long time, and i'm not desperate to watch that movie, so i decided to not watch it. went to magnum, but the line was soooo long! at the end of one side, there was a security guard, and he was like, "if you want to line up, the line continues around the corner", and wow, a second line just as long was forming at the other side, around the corner. defs a 2 hour wait, so i didn't go.

went to circular quay to go Masterchef Food Truck. i was surprised to see no lines there (went at 5ish).

Emma and Daniel's Mezze inspired crispy skin chicken with sumac, ginger and honey cous cous-$12

as expected, it was tiny. i was actually very disappointed in this. first, there was no crispy skin, the chicken was luke warm, same as the cous cous. the sprinkle of stuff tasted like this Japanese seasoning thing one of my host people gave me in yr 9, didn't taste middle eastern. not worth the money.

then the main part of the day. i ate about three pieces, gave one to my friend, nek minnit, a seagle swipes two pieces from me! took a piece and another piece dropped. then heaps of seagulls around fighting. so sad. i'm sad that this was so expensive and eaten by a bird. i kept on eating it, and hoped that the bird didn't touch the other parts. there were at least 15 birds zooming in on me with their sharp peaks after the first attacked. luckily i didn't drop any. first time this has happened. usually i see it happen at darling harbour, not circular quay. when i came home, my mum's like "aren't you scared of getting bird flu?" that did not occur to me, i just hope australian birds are cleaner. well, i'm still feeling fine atm, so hopefully my food wasn't contaminated too much.

Masterchef Food and Dining Bar!

the entrance/dome isn't that grand, but the inside was heaps better than i imagined!

mise en place! they have a copy of the MC clock on the right, except it's not an exact replica.

in the top left corner, about 20 waiters were being given a pep talk. some chefs outside.

decor matched the dome feel (: view from the bar area.

i only watched people eat the $115+ four course meal. heaps of people just came into the dome to take photo then walked out.

bar menu, which is not on the website.

most expensive oyster i've ever eaten. second item on the menu-$5

i was so stupid. since the lighting there is really dim, like all high class places to create an ambience, i dug a bit into that white stuff which the oyster was placed on. woahhhhh, spat it out straight away. it was the saltiest of salt (still could feel the salt in my mouth after eating some desserts and macarons after dinner at night).  the use of the french champagne had a very interesting taste. you could still taste the oyster flavour, and the cavier gave some texture. i wouldn't say it was the best oyster ever, but definitely my most interesting oyster ever.

top-1st item on the menu, bottom-third item.

the buffalo thing was really soft/melt in your mouth. the braised beef was very tender as well since you could pull it apart with your fork. also, these were very small.

the forks weren't branded, but i guess there's no point having branded stuff for a pop-up restaurant. food took longer to come out than expected, since they were very small portions. also cocktails are 15bucks, but you can kinda make them yourselves, since i saw some people just reading off the bar menu and making them. obviously since my bday (when they first opened) they have yet to get used to the menu, 

these photos aren't worth fb/instagram, since the lighting was pretty bad inside. fyi, if you go to a hatted/high class restaurant, it's best not to go at dinner because 1. it's more expensive for the same amount of food 2. lighting is dim ie bad for taking good photos with a phone/snap and shoot camera. even a dslr with flash on food doesn't look that good. when i went Aria, i went for pre-theatre, same food as dinner but cheaper, and it was still light.

if you guys have time, it is definitely worth paying a visit and looking at the inside!

i have not done anything the whole week. must start studying soon.

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  1. The way you photographed the cous cous acutally makes it look huge and I thought "woah what vlaue for money, yum" until I saw your comment on it, haha