Wednesday, August 28, 2013

usually on wednesday's, i catch the 8.45am bus to the city for a 10am start. theoretically, it means i would be late, since the bus diverts to lane cove and isn't an express. depending on how fast the bus driver drives, when i get to my bus stop, i make a mad dash to the station. martin places station is quite "in", so there's a tunnel from the entrance, and in the morning, they have these barriers to assist with people coming into the station, so out of about 20 gates, only 1 gate goes in, and once you go in, you have to go to the further escalator to go down to the platform.

so i ran down today, and normally when the voice goes "door's closing, please stand clear" then the doors start to slowly close. but no, the doors started to close once the voice went off, and it wasn't a normal close, it was literally slam in my face. usually if the voice goes, and you still have 10m to the train, you can slip in the doors, but today those doors closed sooo quickly, and i was only 5m in front. then i looked at the time and it closed 30s earlier than it should. but in that half a second, the trains door re-opened just for me, so that made my day (: thanks kind train guard/station person!

but then when i got to central, the lines were longer than normal (by normal, i mean i had to wait over 5min). don't usually go this way to uni, but i start in upper campus, so catching uni buses from central means i don't have to take 10+min to walk from main entrance up the stairs. and i made it to the lecture on time since they started late (:

building my chilli tolerance, ate some home-made sri lankan curry from a friend's friend. legit spices and all.

i could have gotten another free big mac, but then i thought, even though it's free, it's soooo unhealthy, and i don't want to aste 5mins of my life for something that's not really worth it's $5 value. also walked past a bbq today with a relatively short line, but i've had heaps of fattening foods/sausages last week's bbq.

going through different styles of bible studies is interesting (:

i've actually eaten A LOT of good food this semester. i guess birthday month is over.

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