Sunday, August 25, 2013

woke up so late today. past 11.. about holiday time =/

i had Jarrah's chai latte packet mix. DO NOT BUY IT, EVEN IF IT'S HALF PRICE. usually packet mix will tell you to add 250ml water. this one tells you 170ml. my mum tried it before, and said it was very, very bland, so i put in half a normal cup of water. IT WAS STILL TASTELESS. there was only colour, and almost no spices. yday i tried lipton's peach and mango pyramid tea. it smells amazing, but the taste wasn't that prominent. the tea bag is cool though (: oh, i also found a box of wedgewood tea at home. nicee.

did not do anything today.

i watched the masterchef weekly wrap up since i missed the whole week. and i'll missed most of finals week until the last episode since mon and tues=dance, wed=plus, thurs=6pm finish.

they have heaps less celebrity chefs this season. so glad i live in sydney where most of the pro-er chefs are. like one of my interstate friends didn't know there was a Masterchef Food and Dining Bar! also, another of my friends went!!! so jelly. i hope samira doesn't win. an exact replica of julie, who cooked raw food a few times (and they physically look the same). a lot of the options on the menu are inspired by Julie's dishes, and i hate julie, so i guess i can/will wait for next year's food.

also got a free big mac today. the person didn't even look at the voucher thing, and just chucked it asap. yay for photocopying it, so i can get a free burger until the 28th, as if they'll be bothered to type in the code. they are sooo small! and it feels so gross having maccas since all i can think of is white unhealthy bread, fake meat and cheese. the lettuce is fresh though. so even if it is free, it's not really worth getting multiple ones. also, they cost $4.95 just for a burger. i would much rather a $10 gourmet burger, or another $5 oyster. i was looking at other fine dining restaurants, and they also charge around $5 an oyster. i forgot to do the whole pinching you nose/listening to sea music when eating an oyster thing taughts by Heston! oh wells, do it when i next have an oyster.

week 5 hits me, and now i feel super screwed. have. not. studied. for anything.

two weeks to cram three subjects.

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