Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cupcakes On Pitt

thanks so much Iced Trees for the surprise cupcakes! really made my day (:

milk chocolate, more chocolate, strawberry and chocolate, vanilla and chocolate.

according to their website, this one is the most popular, but according to their prizes, the lemon and meringue one is.

never had these before, i guess i just can't afford to buy these cute little things. they were a bit crumbly, but i have to commend that they weren't just full of sugar! which is really exciting since a lot of buttercream/icing these days is just sugar overload. too much sugar destroys the actual taste of the flavoured icing. the chocolate cupcake also wasn't too sweet! it looks sweet, but it's actually a nice sweetness. yes, the whole thing is buttery, but it's nice (: how do they make such nice flat top cupcakes to pipe on...? also, i love the edible silver dragees (: edible anything glittery is also good =D satisfied my disappointment of last week's tea cakes.

wow, those phys lab people are soo strict. telling people off for not centering an elastic band when packing up, and having not a tightly wound string. luckily we didn't get told off, haha. sucks no 10 this week, but it was the cart on inclined plane which everyone including lecturers said it was hard. meh, wrote random stuff, got a decent mark.

went out for dinner today. I KNOW RIGHT, ON A TUESDAY NIGHT! dad's work has a client, so we took him out for chinese. everything has gotten smaller/worse quality. we went to the one opposite our church, which has been popular over the years. the peking duck pancake/wrap things were sooooo small, you couldn't even wrap it/fold it in half. their table cloths are plastic, with this other plastic layer on top. so cheap. feels cheap as well. you know how sometimes chinese restaurants do those fancy napkin things? well they just give out normal serviettes now. i guess they're just cutting down the cost. the beef that we had was melt in the mouth, but apart from that, everything was worse than i remembered, but hey, free dinner out, can't complain.

my dad said i could take his boss's new car out for a test drive which his boss just bought on sat. i would have loved to! i just came back after dance and showered ): too bad he only gets a day with the new car. i have yet to be the first driver of a brand new car (it's actually impossible to, since whenever you buy a new car, someone had to drive it a bit to fill it up, so they probs have to drive at least a few hundred metres). did not realise that cars these days have no actual hand brakes, but "pedal hand breaks" coool.

if you thought today was cold, then your weak. i admit today's one of the colder days, but i was fine wearing a singlet top and a "jacket" which only came to above my elbows. all i'm thinking is how will i survive summer. i took out one of my thicker jackets once, but only worn it once. then there's at least 3 really nice and thick coats still in my wardrobe, but never worn, since max temp has still not been under 15 this winter (well the days i check the weather/need to go out). walking around uni keep me warm (:

really have done nothing tonight and yday night. i don't know what to do. well i do have stuff, i just don't know how to do that stuff. just sitting and waiting for answers since i'm trying but going nowhere.

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