Tuesday, August 27, 2013

i'm finally up to date with my blog posts.

let me just back track a bit....on my parents and cousin+gf went to Reubin Hills on Sunday! i shall go sometime. they said it was good.

so they left today. they came over for 10 days, but some nights they slept somewhere else. i cannot stand living with them! WHO TAKES TWO SHOWERS IN ONE DAY! they both do. it's crazy. IT'S AUSTRALIA! it's still winter, and it's not humid like thailand/hong kong, and it's not dirty like china where you can actually see dust particles/smog/smoke etcetc. the air is fresher here, and even if they don't go out, they still shower in the morning and at night. what's worse is that they have 1 hour showers, so 4 hours all up. what a waste of water. and then they leave the expensive heater light on, and you can tell they use more than necessary shampoo. also, they use 1 toilet role day! they don't wipe their hands on hand towels, but on tissues. what a waste! they also leave lights on. i cannot live with them. if i ever date someone who has those stuff, well i cannot imagine together. another thing, THEY ARE SOOO SLOW. i mean common, it's not your house so please show a little courtesy of not wasting things. i know they're "little things" but all up it costs money. i think they're perfectly matched. they make like 10 things to do, and only does one thing. soooo slow paced. they only finished packing/using the vacuum thing at 12.30am. dude! the vacuum is loud and i'm trying to sleep to get to my 9am lec in the morning.

never really liked this cousins slowness/wastefulness. i'm pretty sure he's been engaged for at least a year, and they are going to get married NEXT november, even my other cousin who got engaged a few months ago is getting married middle of next year. even slow to getting married. i think people take max a year.

today has been ): it's just those tiny little things. like people wasting time (oh, on sunday, when my cousin finally finished showering, her gf was about to shower, and i immediately sprang out of bed to get to the bathroom, or else i wouldn't be able to brush my teeth until past midday).

wow, i don't understand anything now in optics. it's only week 5, and the lec notes they put up confuses me more than the notes they write up in lec (which are already confusing).

so much more to say but i need to do work. don't even have time to watch MC online.

i really wanted to do the colour run on sunday! i saw people do it earlier in jan, the penciled it in for aug, but i was scared i had exams or something. yeah what a joke, my running 5km, but it seems so fun! anyone up for it next year?

noo dance eisteddfod this sat and next sun. there goes my study time ):


  1. Ooh, I saw a sign about Eisteddfod on my tute room today.

    And Colour Run!! I want to go some time in the future. Saw so many facebook photos of it and it seems awesome!