Friday, August 16, 2013

The Gardener's Lodge Cafe

bought a deal from Group On since i wanted to try some "Aboriginal Flavours". it said it was high tea, but even reading the description i knew it wouldn't be like normal high tea.

this is the most disappointing group on deal that i've bought, so i'm not going to go into detail on the food. going to stay away from "booking" deals, and stick with the good old $10 and less no need to book deals with super good and nice food.

normal cafes can do cafe art with mocha, but this was just lazily sprinkled with chocolate powder. it was alright, but parts of the coffee had come dark choc bits, not sure if that was on purpose.

next came the pancakes which i didn't take a pic with my phone. sooo small, about the diameter of the coffee. the berries were quite different but nice, and the macadamia honey wasn't too sweet.

"high tea"

this wasn't what the deal actually included, but i think the chefs thought we used a deal from another company. we were supposed to choose our own cakes, but we just got tea cakes, which i dout they made themselves/ also we weren't supposed to have those lamb skewers. they were a bit tough and chewy ): the salad had way too much vinegar dressing, the cheese tarts' pastry was a bit crumbly, the salmon wrap was ok.

the best thing was the chai tea. it was filled with heaps of spices. don't know what brand it was. this tea w/ milk wasn't just sugar and cinnamon, it was fully spiced up (: however the teapot was small and you could only get less than 2 cups of tea out of it. would have asked for a refill, but i bet that guy would've said no after i "argued" with him that we got the wrong deal, and he gave us three extra wraps.

first dry chem lab today. i love standing next to smart people, haha.

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