Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Being a Vision Scientist"

also another part of my course. 5th years need to do a research project and they need participants, so they make it compulsory for first years in order to pass the course. for future references, you are all welcome to be my future guinea pigs patients.

this research thing was super quick, they just used some machines to measure some stuff. forgot what they're purpose was, luckily i got a consent form so when it comes to writing about it, i'll be able to make up something. you can tell they're 5th years since they know what night contacts are ie ortho k. yday when i said i wore night contact lenses, the person asked her supervisor "but we haven't learnt about ortho k yet, how do i measure/account for x,y and z?" well, i guess they save the hard stuff to last, so whatever goes on in my eyes at night must be quite technical (if you knew nothing about optom, even hearing "night contact lenses" people always do a "double take")

today's lecturer for visn was sooo interesting! ok, to distinguish between my 2 visn courses, i'll call this visn where we do anatomy etc, and the other visn i'll call optics (which is its technical name, but on the timetable its visn). the asian guy doesn't have a hint of an asian accent, and his slides were filled with heaps of illusions/interesting stuff. and he told people that you should become an academic so you can travel everywhere for free. he's been to paris at least 5 times already.

the 2nd lecturer was really good as well! well we were supposed to have this other woman but she got bitten by a spider earlier that morning, so we just had a lecturer going over briefly what they do in clinic. again so interesting! saw some gruesome pictures, but hey, i don't mind gore etc.

cousin came to syd today! hellooo new make-up. i guess it can be a late bday present since my parents paid them back, and make-up these days ain't cheap (unless you buy the cheap stuff with possibly deadly chemicals). i don't need top notch stuff, but i still need good quality stuff which doesn't harm the skin as much/feels, looks and is more natural.

cousin came with gf from hk to take wedding photos, since they met in aus, and studied together for a while, and that girl also came from hk to aus to study. i can't believe they bothered to fly here just to take wedding photos. i'm pretty sure china can have stuff cheaper/photoshop, but then again, i guess you can't capture the nature beauty of aus with photoshop.

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