Thursday, August 8, 2013

i cannot stress how much i love fast bus drivers. it's the difference between a good day and a bad day for me. like coming back home today, the bus i caught left 20mins after the one before it, but it caught up with it. that being said, almost everyday since the m2 upgrade finished last week, i've seen heaps of police cars/motorcycles fining people.

bro has trials (well technically trial) next week. so this week he started to go study in the library (crazy, only started studying hard the week before). he's the complete opposite to me. i hate studying at libraries/any place other than home. i hate noise while studying-complete silence is the best, he loves his music. he has so much "down/relax time", i think relax time by youtubing/gaming is a waste of time during exams. how do i relax? watch tv while eating dinner (:

ahh heston. one day i will have your famous bacon and eggs (hopefully by then, your restaurant will still have it). those random sensory stuff he did on MC class, i will try them when i have those stuff....did you guys see how nice their vanilla pods are!? in the shops you get crap quality, thin, not fresh, curled, hard, not as aromatic vanilla beans for $2.50 each. they have fat, long, STRAIGHT, fresher, good quality beans that they can casually chew on to try out their taste/smells for fun. even though MC gets their beans from Spice and Co, i bet they save their nice ones for them since you can't buy perfectly long, straight beans from Spice and Co packets at the shops.

cousin is in NY for work, and then spending time there to play. i've always wanted a career with travel...the only travelling i can think of for my course if teaching/researching/coming up with a brilliant optom related thing.

seems like i'm not the only one who's lost. found the fb chem page for this sem, and aww yeah, the first two weeks, so far, have the same content as our optom chem. was late to my 9am chem tute today ): i think the only diff between normal chem and optom chem is that we only do chem for 8 weeks, then 5 weeks of babs, but the whole subject is still under babs. 9-6 today wasn't too bad, better than last sem's 9-6 (:

foundation day today/64th birthday for unsw. they had some free stuff like free moochi, but i'm not going to spend 15mins walking to the other side then another 10mins to go to another part of campus. they had free moochi at ryde last sat, but as i've said before, i'm over froyo (except yogurt world and yogurtland).

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