Tuesday, August 6, 2013

thanks Better for visiting and for the shout (: so nice seeing you (:

my cousin is coming over next week to take wedding photos, since he met his gf while studying here and his gf was also from hk and came over here to study. he's finally getting married! he's been dating that girl for around 10 years, ever since i was in primary school. i can't believe that girl can put up with him all those years, he's one of the fussiest guys i ever know. has to eat fresh food (ie no leftovers), picky eater, so slow and fussy. eg, just recently, he whatsapped my mum to see if we have Pantene at our house for him to use. dude! you're getting free accommodation/food, what more do you want?

also, around a month ago, another one of my cousin's got engaged. he's a tad more complicated. he lives in canada so he wants his wedding there, but reception will be in hk where most of the family is. that'll happen next year, going to miss another relo wedding, before the other cousin ie the above cousin is so slow at preparations.

cousin 1 (it's actually quite inadequate to number my cousins since i still have not met all of them) is getting married in nov next year. on the last day of exams, so if i don't have exams, i still want to go! i love going to weddings (: then i'll spend nov to hopefully feb and spend chinese new years there, and hopefully go around america during that time. i seriously do not understand how people get bored overseas. spending time with so much family, family friends, friends, and by yourself. last time i went for a bit over a month, everyday was jam packed and exhaustingly fun. if i get three months to spend overseas, easyyyyyyyy. (inb4 i'm bored to death during the 3rd month).

my uncle bought back 10 boxes of packed durian from malaysia back to hk. people said it was delicious, but it was a day old, and according to my uncle, it was over ripe and no where as good as eating it falling from a tree. =/

i kind of hate it when i'm invited to a party which i would love to go, yet some other close friend has their birthday on that day....going to have more dilemmas growing up, which party/wedding/reception should i attend if they clash on the same day and both are close friends? #firstworldproblems. should just enjoy the simple uni life. lol jks, uni's going to be hectic.

i really miss cheap and delicious food from hk.

i think phys lab is a tad less stressful than chem. they allow you 20mins to be late, and partner work. despite me hating group work, i'm quite hopeless in labs, but i still like labs (:

oh, and sorry Renee. i had my lab book today and realised i had scrap paper after i left uni...not sure if scrap paper would have been much use....i have yet to go buy some exercise books.

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