Wednesday, August 7, 2013

perfect timetable...

dayum. just found out today that there's a chem tute at 12. i swear when i saw the enrolment times, there was only 9am, 3 and 4. so i chose the 9am since the other ones i would get home later. i'm pretty sure they opened that class since heaps of people had stuff clashing. too late to change/it's over enrolled ): just realised,

 the perfect timetable for my subjects would have 3 hours of break the whole week! tues/wed/fri being "block" days, ie no breaks. then i have bible study and the talks at lunch, so if i had the perfect timetable, i would only have 1 hour of break a week! only two 9am starts. two 3pm finish, two 2pm finish, one 11-6pm day. i wonder if anyone was lucky enough to have that perfect timetable. i know of a few people who have close to perfect, managed to get all the early times for almost everything. next time, next time it shall be my turn...

they actually give out set timetables for everyone from 2nd year, so everyone has a "fairer" timetable, same thing just different groups.

i have 2 block days, but then two days with three hours of breaks, so they cancel each other out.

wow, i was late to my 10am lec today. luckily it started late. i guess having a 9am tute tmr morning helps me to try to keep a healthier sleeping time. (lol jks, i survive on less than 7 hours of sleep now). ending at 2 is so awkward. there's a bus at 2.10, so i obvs miss that, the next one is at 3.10, then the express buses start at 3.25, but by the time it gets to my place, the express bus which left later overtakes the earlier, slower bus. 

if i catch train back to penno, and if i get picked up, it's school zone time, so for my mum to come pick me up, it's kinda annoying. i catch a bus from home to city, so i avoid trains. catching bus from station to close to home, then getting picked up, that's annoying as well. other option is m2 bus, so i guess i get picked up from there. if i catch the bus to towers, then i have to catch m60 back then picked up again (m60 doesn't stop outside my house...). dear hillsbus, can you please add another bus service at 2.30pm? basically i have to get picked up somewhere if i end early to not waste heaps of time. this probably makes no sense to you guys. i just need a bus back home at 2.30.

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