Saturday, August 17, 2013

i remembered i had a dance lesson this morning! actually, i woke up 5mins before it started, so madly ate something and dashed out of the house. last week i missed out on half the dance, so i'll only be in it for half of it, oh wells, i guess less stress on my brain to memorise more things lol. the top for our new dance costume is from the shops, but it's pretty cool. something i wouldn't normally wear going out since it's a crop top, but i guess going to parties etc would be perfect.

everyoneee is getting married. my ex-youth leader got married today. she left our church about two years ago, since she broke up with another guy in church (going to do a post about people, i have no experience), but long story short, she started dating again, and in less than two years she's married.

i think i have some idea on what i would like for my wedding after being to quite a lot now, and seeing so many people's wedding photos. you can easily see what you like/don't like. personally, i don't like pearls, beads, glittery stuff for wedding dresses. i don't like bling, but if you have nice crystals in small amounts and if it works with the dress then it looks good. i don't like lace, but wedding lace is a different story. i love wedding trains!

more and more young people are going away from the traditional asian dinner reception. i love my western food (: and now there are more babies/kids. one minute your someone's bridemaids, then you switch places and your the bride, nek minnit your kids are besties.

these marriage thoughts are also influenced by my cousin who's here for their engagement shoot. lol, thinking to far into the future.

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