Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Being a Clinic Patient"

as part of one of my visn courses, we have to get our eyes tested by 4th/5th years. 4th years take 3 hours, 5th years take 2, but my timetable only fitted in with the longer sesh. they make it compulsory to first years or else you can't pass the course, since they need more guinea pigs to play with (to do a proper eye examination).

we also have to write about our experience, so i'll blog about it, and when the time comes, i'll come back here to see what i thought about it while i still remember.

i think i was a bad patient. couldn't decide which one was clear, pretended i couldn't read the small letters. maybe her results may have not been as accurate. i was so scared she was going to slip and stab my eye or something. 

the whole test took sooooo long. they did everything. usually when you go for c check-up its about 30mins, but this one has other stuff they don't normally test. they dilated our pupils to see the back of our eye. so after i became long sighted and had to hold my phone out like an old person to read the text, and my eyes were so sensitive to sunlight, esp when the sun was setting.

you can tell she was a 4th year since she still needed to refer to charts on the wall. 

when her supervisor came in to check her measurements, actually got similar results. 

have to get re-tested for this periphery thing since my eyes were dilating and couldn't focus properly, another hour of my life gone ):

she did vision science, but managed to transfer into optom, and not fail a single subject. her year started with 120 people, now in 4th year, they have 55 people. also diseases is apparently the hardest subject as they pack everything into you. even more than anatomy-not sure how that works. all the 4th/5th years all look so professional. 

clinic seems super fun, getting to "play" with so much equipment. that being said, i was chatting to her, and she said on she has an 8am-10pm day with 1 hour break, 8am-9pm day with 1 hour break, and still uni on the other three days, and also they mark the roll so you can't skip those other days, even if they're "short" 5 hour days. what do they do until 10pm!? there aren't even any buses back. lel. (probs are, but i may as well find a comfy spot at uni to sleep). dayummmm, Happy Apple, teach me your ways of waking up early! haha

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