Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chur Burger

chur burger was one of those places which were "inspired by my instagram feed". instagram is nice to look for good food (: and just look at food in general (:

we went after 2, so it wasn't crowded. we got a round table, except it was pretty high. the other round tables weren't as high.

sweet potato chips and lamb burger.

this is a pretty bad photo, but i wanted both of the items, no people in it and only one photo. (whenever i eat out, i try to keep my iphone snaps between 1-2 photos to save space and have more food photos (: ), so you can't really see the mint and feta inside the burger....why did i choose lamb? because a good lamb burger isn't found on every menu. this one was good (: and it had aioli! i have a thing with baked eggs and aioli, if i see it on the menu, i most likely get it.

some of the sweet potato chips had burnt bits which were quite tasty, but it's still burnt and cancerous =/ also, don't have it with tomato sauce since it destroys the natural sweetness and makes it taste like normal potato chips.

before the burger, i also got a free bbq and pizza (: #win

missed my first lecture today, already. not a great start to sem 1. getting that feel that skipping is ok. what is happening to me? used to never skip....well the first half of sem 1...

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