Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yogurberry x 3.5

so there was a yogurberry at epping. full packed today since it was their last day for 50% off. still haven't had noggi, but probs won't be having it anytime soon. i think out of moochi and yogurberry, i like the 2nd one better, as it has more stores=more popular=tastes better.

chatswood (after term 2 assessments): six flavours, i think. when i went there, i scabbed off people.

eastwood (after trials): six flavours, strawberry, blueberry, taro, passionfruit, plain, mango. i think this was $4.10

cherrybrook: four flavours, taro, mango, strawberry, plain. not self serve since the store owners bought a yogurberry machine. $3 (and it was half price). didn't feel like there was a lot. melted really quickly. flavours weren't strong enough,

epping: $3.10 (yay for half price) six flavours, strawberry, taro, green tea, chocolate, mango, plain. consistency better than cbrook, but because there was heapsssss of people there, i don't think the machines made it cold enough, so it also melted quickly, but i satisfied my froyo craving since cbrook one wasn't made nicely.

according to the website, i still haven't tried: pomegranate, pineapple, banana, green apple

this time i actually want to get bored in hk, if possible. whenever we go, we go overseas for a month, but end up spending only 2 weeks in hk since we go to another country/mainland china. so i will make a massive list of touristy places to go which i haven't been to yet! there's still other people's places i want to go.

relos forcing me to get whatsapp. i'll get it when/if i get a new phone.
i wonder if my octopus card still works from two years ago? i still have some money on it...
just checked. valid for three years.

and when i was getting out of the car today, there was this massive spider. as in 12cm diameter. literally had to run away from my car
and then another massive spider (but not as furry) in our hallway about an hour ago...


  1. not sure if you will ever read this but strathfield has 10 flavours, or maybe it was 12, can't remember

    1. haha, i actually read my comments (: i shall go to stra after i go hk to try the other flavours i haven't had yet...

  2. from memory i think the flavours they had were: strawberry,
    peach, normal, green tea, taro, chocolate, pomegranate, green apple, mango, passionfruit, blueberry