Sunday, December 2, 2012

HK Tourist Websites

googled top 10 places in hk. i've been to all but two, and was planning to go there anyways.

thus, i will spend approx four weeks eating! going to restrict myself to not buying a lot. last time i bought quite a lot, that even now, some stuff remain unused, which is a waste of money.

i wonder if my mum will let me roam around the markets at night...

AND I FOUND MY OCTOPUS CARD! lets hope it still works. took a while to find it though, since i had to go through my bag of last holiday stuff. so reminiscent! i have wet tissues from thailand, and like  streamers from disneyland. and i found my journal from my last trip, it's actually filled in every page, and i managed to write everyday, unlike this journal which i am still a few days behind...

yay for business class! access to lounge=free brekkie buffet! will actually wake up early to go to airport (:

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