Thursday, December 13, 2012


(sunday/monday post. yeah, my posts these days are kind of completely all over the place)

i really should stop taking photos of everything. i really am a tourist. from the path to clouds to the transition of a plane when it stops and people reload food and petrol.

it was sooo hot. "dry hot" humid. and the worse is yet to come. wild turkeys and kangaroos everywhere. and marine animals which sting you from november to may. it's actually quite pretty, but the water still wasn't fully blue like thailand beaches or cairns (haven't been there, but i've seen photos) so they don't actually have a beach.

everyone came from sydney. also saw 2 other baulkoers, who also didn't tell their friends about going there. what a coincidence. saw some old girra people, like some people i would never have thought they would have gone/tried.

idk, i can write stuff well, but can't talk good, and hate this feeling of regret...oh wells...and i always seem to talk less than people. really should have talked more/kept of talking and talking and talking.

if i got in, i would actually consider if i really want to go there, because location wise, it's pretty crap. from one side of campus to the other takes about 40 mins walking. there's just land and land and land, and even though i can drive, i won't have a car there. oh, and the public transport is really bad. only buses, which you have to walk quite a distance.

it's true how people saw rural people are friendly. like on my 2nd "random explosive security test" at the airport, the guy was making convo with me, so was the white/old-ish taxi driver, and the person didn't even check for my id at the airport! i mean, that's kind of dangerous since if someone picked up my e-ticket, they could've got a free ride back to sydney.

it was a good experience (:

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