Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost an Airport Catastrophe

i was supposed to leave today, but stuff happened so i'm leaving on friday, but my bro is going by himself to hk.

and we all kind of died in the car today.

first, it's actually because of my bro/dad/mine decision

my bro was really, really slow to get out of the house, but my dad was all like "over an hour, plenty of time"
lol jks.

so i told my dad to not go through the m2/lane cove tunnel/harbour bridge tunnel because all up it would cost around 12 bucks. so we took the long way, and bam, we hit Victoria Road, one of Sydney's  busiest roads. we thought there wouldn't as much traffic since it's a weekend, but obviously we were wrong, traffic jam for 15min. then we avoided another tunnel, but went through the city. bad choice, city traffic on a weekend=20min traffic. super duper bad, like all the lights didn't co-operate, so when it was green, only 2 cars could actually go through the lights because of the cars on the other side. we couldn't turn back, so went underground to the free tunnel. even getting inside the tunnel took 10mins. then we saw signs saying there was an accident. inside the tunnel.

it was about 2 already, and bag drop closes an hour before the flight ie 2.45 since the flight left at 3.45. major traffic jam, since three lanes become 2. super duper stressed. dad was so angry. why? because if my bro missed his flight, we wouldn't be able to re-book since all the other flights were full. we couldn't even get a credit since we already checked in online. and then we already paid more than an iphone 4s amount for his trip to china, which obviously couldn't be re-booked.
after 25mins, we passed the car. FRIKKEN 4WD BMW? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BREAK DOWN? SO MUCH FOR A LUXURY CAR WHEN YOU BREAK DOWN INSIDE A TUNNEL. in tunnels, there is only one way, but if you at least broke on a normal street, at least we could've done a u-turn or something. there were signs saying "turn on the radio" and then they had several announcements about moving to one side for emergency vehicles, which meant the car broke down like 5 mins before we entered the tunnel. if only my bro wasn't so slow.

after emerging from the tunnel, we only had 15mins before the bag drop closed. every single car to the airport drove at 100 instead of 80. it was logical, getting stuck with so many cars. i was scared that my dad would crash into someone else's car and vice versa which would mean my bro wouldn't be able to get on his flight.

10mins remaining, my bro leapt out of the car, and i ran after him with his luggage. luckily i went with him to the bag drop, since he's kind of stupid. he went virgin australia instead of virgin atlantic. BUT WE MADE THE BAG DROP WITH ONLY 6 MINUTES REMAINING. SUCH A RELIEF. even if the bag drop closed, the most important is the boarding pass. i guess if we did miss it, he'll just have to buy EVERYTHING from his suitcase in hk. the guy at the bag drop kind of smiled, since my bro was sososo late, so he gave my bro an "express path" pass for customs, which he already had. i though you used them when you went inside customs but after he went in, the express path door was further too the left. oh wells, he said customs only took a minute for him. at least on friday i know where to go to use my express pass.

i also went with him so my dad didn't have to pay for super duper expensive airport parking prices. only the first 15mins is free.

and the gate closes 30min before departure time, and you still have to walk to find the gate, but he made it 10minutes before it closes. (but i remember once, the flight was delayed cause a passenger had some over sized luggage and the whole flight had to wait, something along the lines of that, don't really remember...)

REALLY HOPE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, WHICH IS WHY I'M GOING TO LEAVE FIVE HOURS BEFORE MY FLIGHT DEPARTS. going to go by train-at least there aren't traffic jams, but there are delays...which probs won't be as bad as our traffic jams today.

yay airports! going to be there for 4/7 days this week (:

i think being an air hostess would be cool. get to travel the world and go on many planes. too bad i'm short.

and i finally slept for 12 hours-record so far. super bad idea, had a mini-headache and back hurt and felt super duper hungry. tired throughout the day, and i also have to wake early tomorrow... =/


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