Monday, December 17, 2012

Predicting HSC/ATAR Results

you know, talking about australia's schooliing system and stuff about uni's are always good conversation starters. why? because i've talked about it twice everyday-already.

i don't think i'm going to band 6 anything, so defs no-all rounders for me. and jap is/was my worst subject, so probs band 3 =/

as for atars, well not expecting anything spectacular. don't judge me guys if i end up doing a course with only 80 or 90 atar points!

i actually couldn't care less right now. this holiday mode is good (:

i think i'm going to drag down the school. oh well, no one will ever know (except the teachers) since i don't plan on telling anyone what i got, not even my parents (since they'll still be back there, probs tell them a week later), so don't bother asking me, but you can always tell me what you got if you need someone to share with =D

also, that is why i didn't register for sms. i'm still on three, and three roams, so my phone also works in hk, i think i would be really heartbroken if i saw my fake results a few days earlier than my real one. oh, need to do a post about phones in hk.

so unfit =/

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