Saturday, December 29, 2012


i love Zara! and it's in quite a lot of places around hk, unlike sydney. it's soo good (: like they have
what i consider "cool" clothes.

heaps of people now since they have sales. so glad i didn't buy anything from there last week. in sydney, things are wayyy over priced and apparently they get sent quite a lot of old stock from other countries. still haven't been to the sydney one yet. in hk, the clothes are considered expensive to hk people, but still heapppps of people buying stuff. on top of sales, the hk dollar is high, so even branded stuff like zara are ok and worth to pay pieces of clothing. so many people lining up for fitting rooms, and paying and also lining up to ask staff stuff. there were already heaps of staff using their fancy ear pieces asking people upstairs for more stock.

but all up, spent less than 1000 hk dollars for decent pieces of clothing (:

the lego at causeway bay was sooo cool!

so much good food. like massive sized fresh abalone. i guess going out with relatives' relatives' relatives' is good since you get heaps more free food and prezzies.

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