Wednesday, December 19, 2012

night before HSC results

i didn't care much about my results, until i met up with fellow hsc students, actually one in particular...

not going to wait until 3am (which is 6 in aus). just wake up and check. anyways, i think the site will crash at 6.

congrats to jason who topped chem and joyce who topped jap! (secretly hoping joyce will pull me up so i won't band 3 jap....)
so many wierd schools (private schools) which i haven't heard off top different stuff.
i remember last year i almost had tears of joy for band sixing chem, since i didn't expect it. i think i won't band 6 anything. the worse thing that happens is that people stalk each other and they secretly judge you behind your back if you didn't get a band 6. please don't laugh at me! i already know i'm not smart.

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