Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Party!

went to watch the Hobbit in 3D. tbh, it was kind of boring, like they dragged the first half too much for my liking, but the 2nd half was ok.

(setting a random time for this post..)

had cheap pepper lunch (: and i finally had my cheap pearl milk tea! despite being in hk for over half a month, today was the first time having it.

this year's xmas/new year's party was kind of a disappointment for me. like no massive, massive turkey/ham/carving set. only food from Jusco, which was surprisingly good. people playing card games and loser had to eat the christmas cake since it was untouched unlike all the other foods. they also did a drinking version. everyone had a card on their forehead and you look at other people's but not your's. you call out who you can't to lose, so maybe all hearts or highest/lowest card. really funny, since my uncle thought other people would lose, but he lost two times. first round one piece, 2nrd round 2 pieces etc.

\it was nice seeing people i haven't seen before and just the atmosphere was amazing.

as for presents, no individualied stockings. last two times i was in hk, every child received a stocking filled with really nice lollies/snacks/useful toys and goodies.

and my names was picked 2nd last for the family present draw. i could either pick from my family's present that we chipped in, or the other one, so i went for the other one, turned out to be honey. we already bought 12 jars of manuka honey over to hk. also, for the family draw, my family was drawn out last, so the only prezzie left was a bath set. not useful ):

but my rich uncle gave everyone personalised prezzies (: most of the guys got this branded jackets worth like 100 aussie dollars, but he bought it in new york, so not sure what price he got it for...most of the girls got agnes b make-up bags, yay useful stuff. AND HE BOUGHT MY MUM A COACH BAG. wow, at least 4000hk$.

as for raffle, 2nd/3rd prize were $500 sponsored by my uncle and his friend. 1st prize was 1500 where each family memeber can choose to pitch in 100 for their name to go into the draw. the person who won it was one of my cousin's. apparently they won 500 last year. then the major, major prize was another legit coach bag bought by my uncle. my 7 year old girl cousin was drawn, so her mum has it. imagine if i got it, 2 coach bags in massive cardboard boxes in our luggage...

not even sure what sydney's fireworks theme is. all i know is that people can send txts and it would appear on the bridge. hk's fireworks looked better than last time i saw it, along with the laser lights. but i only saw like a minute of it since there were over 40 people in a hk house and you were lucky to even get from one side to the other to watch the tv. at least my grandpa chucked out his old box tv earlier in the year....

and alcoholic drinks which are mixed with each other are so sweet and nice (: even though they have heaps of alcoholic yum (: my brother drank a whole cup of 7-up, and it was alcoholic 15%. his liver is going to die...i didn't get drunk. i wonder what it would be like...

ahh, my newphew and niece are so cute (: and they're both 3, so they play together and super duper cute (:

2012 was a really amazing year (:

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