Monday, December 3, 2012

Skyfall-James Bond

if you didn't know by know, i like to talk about the movie (so if you don't want me to spoil it, don't read it...)

it was good, but not great. i understand why my bro was kind of dissapointed. bond girls didn't do much of the typical stuff, only one bond car, this one was just different, but action packed with the bombings and stuff are pretty cool. i also realised i really like my cars, but cars lose their value, unlike houses...

and M died! she was a really good actress, she really suited the role. well i guess she had to retire at some point, since she was in a lot of films. i quite like "Skyfall" by Adele. and before the movie, my bro spoiled for me that skyfall was bond's home, at least he didn't spoil the ending.

and that movie seat was so bad. either had to sit really straight or slouch a lot. my back really hurts. that's why towers event cinemas > parra.

just googled who rescued him from the river. we never know! noooooo, but i guess that's where our assumptions come in.

and i feel ripped off. last time i caught a bus to parra its was 2.30. this time i said student (instead of child/concession) and it was 2.20. maybe it's cheaper after 8am...

and i finally had bread top today! well the savoury bread. haven't had them for over half a year since i don't think they're worth it, and are very oily

walked around a lot randomly today.

so much stuff to do.

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