Thursday, December 6, 2012

Talent 100 Party

i couldn't go last year since it was during exams, but i could go this year! it was super awkward at first since when i arrived (and i went there about half an hour late), there were only like 10 other people who i didn't know. but then that's why you have to make friends or else you'll end up a loner.

it was at this place where apparently had cheap and nice food. we had finger food there and unlimited number of drinks. i thought i wouldn't be full, but after a number of mini burgers which were super cute, mini quiches etc, and heaps of pineapple juice, i was full.

it was almost a 1:1 ratio of student to staff, since it was a school night, so there were mostly yr 12's. last year's pictures looked like there were more people. there wasn't a dance floor, but a dance space. at least the dj was ok. left 1.5hours earlier. it actually ends around now.

sooo much people drinking/smoking. unlimited drinks! the bar had heaps of different drinks. i still have had a proper drink yet, but it's too dangerous. at least i only have 2 years to be super careful not to drink and drive, unlike people who are are starting to drive after hsc have 4 years to be super careful to not drink and drive (if that makes sense, since you'll be 18 when you still have your L's). less than 2 years until i have my full licence, then i can have a little bit of alcohol, but still be under the limit to drive.

i wore my super short black dress. it's kind of for "clubbing" but it's not "revealing" which is good. it's amazing how a simple belt can change an outfit (i actually hardly ever wear belts). i love wedges (: comfy and gives you height (:

saw some old people, but then other people who i didn't know were quite friendly.

i've kind of lost my touch for curly hair since i didn't curl my hair during hsc year. oh wells, now i have time to refine my skills (:

went for a scenic drive at night (it kind of sucks that you can't stare at houses and drive at the same time). from macquarie to my house, i only saw three fully lit up houses. i guess the electricity prices are preventing people to put up more xmas lights. the house around the corner of my street has been consistently putting up lights full on-good on ya!

also, bro had his formal today. he's still not back. his school is so nice! they organise two private buses to get them to their cruise and back to the station. yes, yr 10 and they have cruises. not sure what they do for semi next year. i had to force him to bring a camera.

just read bitter's post. i was going to say, tbh, i don't like anne hathaway's short hair, but i still love her as an actor. remember the good old princess diaries?

ahh, early morning tomorrow.

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