Wednesday, December 12, 2012


four planes in two days. i think i'm becoming a mini high-school-leaver-expert-on-planes-and-airports

jks. i wish.

anyways, i guess i made a good decision to come back down on monday on qantas, since my dad says they always give you snacks. so on sunday going on business i stuffed myself for the day, then on monday i was also fed more plane food (: (this probably doesn't make sense)

what i wanted to say is that qantas is good since they give you food even if you're in economy.

their business class on small planes isn't good since there are no leather seats.

also, the flight attendants on qantas vary in age. like one guy looked like one my the deputies/my old maths teacher back at girra. when giving out the safety instructions, they were very un-cooridinated and did stuff at different times, where as virgin had young-ish people, AND WERE SO PRECISE IN DEMONSTRATING THE SAFETY STUFF. yes, i notice these things. it's actually quite amazing, their co-ordination.

qantas had some screens to watch for economy, but glancing back at virgin's economy, i don't think they had any screens.

i love planes! being high above the clouds is so pretty (: i love everything about planes, except the toilets. i'm really picky about my toilets, so duke of ed toilets were...a challenge back then...

qantas is cool, since in sydney's domestic terminal they have their own side/building which is closer to the car park, which means other airlines kind of have to trek a bit to that side.

now i know where the 10min free parking is at the domestic airport.

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