Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Business Class!!!


i wrote about 2.5 pages about this in my notebook, usually i try to keep it to 4 lines per day, but it was just superb!

i went on Virgin Australia business class, really depends on your flight which kind of determines which aircraft. but on my first flight, i was on a newer plane (i googled this stuff before)

even though i didn't have any bags to be checked in, i decided not to use the "check in yourself" machines, but be cool and skip THE MASSIVELY LONG SUNDAY MORNING LINES, and get checked in right away. you could have 2 bags at 32kg each. that's 64KGS! so much! but i didn't use it ): even for my hk flight, we can only have one 23kg ):

free entry! actually, you have to be a member to enter, and then you also have to pay a membership fee, so technically you can't buy your way in unless you are a member, but business class allows you to have free entry. the food wasn't that great since they don't have neil perry whose with qantas, but there was still free food! i hate way too much, like 5 pieces of bread, plus other stuff.
the sydney lounge is better than brisbane as they have their own barrista and freshly made pancakes, but at brisbane, they only have a coffee machine, and a machine which makes the pancakes. but the seats at bris are better.
a lot of people go to the lounge to just chill and not eat. after 11am, they change it to the lunch menu, so at brisbane i could try more food.
the toilets are soooo clean. like 4 star hotel quality. they're massive as well. and the soap/hand cream was really nice quality. also, had a look at the shower, and they supply you with soaps and stuff, and they were really clean and nice, and defs 4 and maybe 5 star quality. 
waking up early to spend 1.5 hours at the lounge was worth it.

i bet the guy there was thinking "are you sure you're in the right line" but i didn't have to wait for all the old people/young kids to board first since business/gold/platinum member could board first (:

IT FELT LIKE YOU WERE ROYALTY ON THE PLANE (well as high as royalty can go on a plane...if that makes sense). 
"good morning Miss Li" 
"would you like anything miss Li" 
"would you like me to take it miss Li" 
"Thank you miss Li" etcetc
AND THEY ACTUALLY SAID MY SURNAME THE RIGHT WAY! yes, i was impressed since aussie people sometimes don't say it right.

the cabin crew boys for business class were so cute! not hot, but cute. kind of gayly cute.. (?) idk, like kurt and blaine on glee. and the flight hostess were quite pretty. (will do a comparative qantas post before i go hk).
upon sitting down, you get served some juice, then they ask if you need to hang your coats etc (yes, you can hang your clothes up if you want). 
AND YOU GET INDIVIDUAL SAMSUNG GALAXY TABS! they didn't have ipads ): but next year qantas is going to roll out ipads on most of their boeing planes even for economy. anyways, you only get a tablet to watch off if you're in business class, since they don't have installed screens unlike Virgin Atlantic's international flights. tablets are way better, since they're clearer/bigger, and easier to control compared to a remote. and they had recent movies as well (: didn't finish ice age 4 on my first flight (i'll finish it on my plane flight to hk), but on my second flight, i managed to finish diary of a wimpy kid (the 3rd one). then they also gave you free ear phones with this cute little cases and the quality was pretty good. 
since my first flight was short, they gave out muffins (well i actually didn't hear the other option since i was watching stuff. THEY HAVE REAL METAL CUTLERY, CERAMIC PLATES AND GLASSES for business class!  they have plastic everything for economy. you could tell the glass was actual glass since i saw one that was a tiny bit chipped.
then more unlimited drinks etcetc.

and they have leather seats! i could even extend my legs horizontally since it was THAT spacious. they rope of the business class seats, and there is this purple barrier. also, business have their own toilet. and on my 2nd flight, you're not supposed to go to the toilet when people are going to leave the aircraft cause you might cause congestion, but the person still let me since i was in business.

on my 2nd flight, it was an old virgin blue plane, but they renovated the insides so that even economy had leather seats, but business/economy had the same sized seats. just the seat pitch for business was longer. i was also watching stuff, and didn't hear properly the menu for lunch, so i was like "the 3rd option" which turned out to be the vegetarian option, the salad wasn't that nice, and the chocolate tart was soooo sweet, so i didn't finish lunch, but i already stuffed myself at the brisbane lounge. also had a cranberry and something juice. i had about 5 drinks in 1.5 hours.

you may say, business class requires more money so the lounge isn't free. but in one of my earlier posts, i said i used my dad's reward points since the business ticket used less points than the economy ticket which lets you changed dates etc (which STILL doesn't make sense, since in business you could also change dates and stuff for less points but you also get more benefits)

SO EVERYTHING WAS FREE FOR ME! BUSINESS CLASS IS SO WORTH THE MONEY! i hope i don't get sucked into wanting to go on business class for the rest of my life. i would really like to do a job which allows me to travel, since i love planes, and then reward points, and then fly business for free! you guys have to go on business once in your life! imagine what first class would be like...they don't have first class on short domestic flights. even though i'm going on economy to hk, it'll be ok since i'll have heaps of new movies to choose form and watch (unlike economy domestic flights you don't get anything if you're on virgin)

yay business class! (:

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  1. business class sounds so much more exciting! no wonder people bother to pay more money


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