Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"LOTR Marathon"

well that was the plan, but i only ended up watching a third of the first one. i've seen most of the first one in history elective a few years ago, but fell asleep in parts (and i usually don't fall asleep in movies), and i don't think i could go through and watch the 2nd and 3rd one. maybe i might finish the trilogy before i start uni...

thanks JB-Hi5 for the food! it's good to try something different for a change.

then we ended up doing...(i shouldn't say here)

i still remember how to get to girra without using a gps!

oh, did i mention that on friday night, someone crashed into my car which was parked on the top of our street. on sat morning when i went out, i removed the screen protector thing, and started driving when i noticed a piece of paper, and then i stopped and thought i was fined. turns out the guy left a note. then on sunday morning a neighbour came by and told us that her friend came and didn't want to drive home since she had drank and ordered a taxi. the taxi guy did a three point turn and crashed into one of my headlights and dented the side panel. IT'S SOOO WIDE AT THE TOP OF OUR STREET. HOW CAN YOU FAIL A THREE POINT TURN? there's enough room to not do a three point turn. fail taxi driver (and his english on the piece of paper wasn't very good)-at least he left a note. but at least he left a note, unlike our old neighbour's friend who also dented the side of my car but just drove off.
there's something about the spot i park on the street. i'm always wary of my parking, so i make sure i don't park bad.
dad fixed the car, but it's kind of awks getting the money back without going through the whole insurance process

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