Thursday, December 20, 2012

Result Day

i kind of could already guess what i got, although i am a bit disappointed with phys. also, i managed to not band 3 or 4 jap, so that's a relief, but it still won't count.

so the examiners hated my adv essays. there is quite a large gap which is super low compared with my externals for adv. quite sad really.

what's actually sad is how my marks differ by 14 (and that's all the figures you'll ever get with my marks). go figure. it means i failed stuff. some people's marks differ by like 4, but not mine.

yeah, now, approx 7 hours before atars come out, i'm anxious. i'll be super duper happy with over 98, but with my marks-there's no chance. i don't even know what to do apart from med (which i won['t get into for undergrad). expectations lower as you go through the journey...

people are really smart. they can still have a bf/gf and have a life and still state rank one or more subjects and not look like complete nerds. geniuses.

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  1. for ext english I got school mark 48 and exam mark 39. So that's like an 18 mark difference haha