Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hong Kong

yay hk! as soon as you step outside the plane, you can smell the distinct smell of hk. even from the plane, you can see the pollution of foggy stuff.

super awkward yday. i'm now 90% sure that if you're a girl by yourself going on a plane, you get tested for everything. like i did a body scanner, and had my 3rd random explosive test, which awkwardly turned out positive, (other 2 times were negative), and the guy had to repeat the test and go through normal procedures, so i was thinking, maybe i might make it on tv, but then i remembered border security only films people going into aus not out of. it was a waste of my express pass since i still had to wait for the results. no idea how i have traces of explosives. maybe it was from the train...or my dad's suitcase was really dirty on the outside...

training it to the airport is actually about the same time as taking non-toll roads, but soooo much more hassle. carrying 30kg of stuff all by myself ): and only 7kg of stuff is actually mine. my hands still hurt from lifting, pulling etc.

plane ride was good (: arrived half an hour early so my uncle who just came back from NYC didn't have to wait as long, at least he had a lounge to go to. he bought three suitcases of stuff, xmas prezzies! and managed to fit 5 movies in 8.5 hours (: mainly watched animation, but i really love on-board entertainment.

i've found that you either by business/first class or wait until 5mins before te bag drop closes, then you don't have to wait in line when you check-in.

the line at immigration was shorter for visitors than for hk residents. my child hk card expired, need to get an adult one. oh the struggles of being 18....i actually don't like using my card, i like to collect stamps in my passport.

i'm staying in one of my uncle's houses this time, not my grandmothers. my grandma's place is good since it is really convenient, but her place is on the outskirts of the suburb so less noisy. now the place i'm in, i can actually see green stuff! living on one of the edges of hk, wake up to a sunrise (covered by pollution) and mountains, but the air is more fresher on this side. THERE ARE NO SHOPS HERE, it's that new. at least there's an mtr.

waiting for relatives to wake up and then ring them to meet me....

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