Saturday, December 22, 2012


i should be content with my ATAR. i guess i can get into anything i want (apart from med and law).

problem is, i'm still not sure what to do apart from med. people ARE going to judge if i do a course with less than 90. and i know people are like "do whatever you like" but i don't want to "waste" my atar points.

i was reading the news yday. they said something about atars are worthless. it's true, since everything has bonus points (apart from med/law/some courses), which means i could get a low 90's atar and still make it into stuff.

idk, i still think i could've done better, not that it would make any difference in getting into a course, but inside, i wish i tried just that bit harder to get a higher atar. i really had my own tail. the stuff i band 6 was ok, but my last 3 units were really bad, like how in school's there may sometimes be a massive tail, where my tail really dragged me down quite a lot (imo). yeah, my last 3 units were a big gap from my band 6 stuff. need to drill into my bro to not full focus on one subject.

on the other hand, getting a super high atar would mean i would waste more atar points. the courses are weird. as in, the main stuff are: med 99.95, law high 99, commerce/science 96, engineering 91, so i find it awkward for 98 and 97 and 95, 94 etc, since there aren't really any "general" courses to do, only specific ones eg physio which are in 98's and like psycology with 97. what i'm trying to say is that you either have to do exceptionally well, and even really good, as in low 99s/98/97 means you have to waste some points since uac don't really cater towards those ranks.

not sure if that made sense, but i've just been thinking about points being wasted for the past day.

awks, haven't even told my parents yet. actually haven't told anybody (except my younger cousin was looking over my shoulder, and i accidently left the atar window open, but i'm pretty sure she didnt know the significance of it...)


  1. everyone's known I wanted to do teaching (80 cutoff) and nobody's made fun of my wasted atar... well besides my parents. I currently have a 14 atar difference ^^

    I would rather not do one of the degrees I chose and made into just because they're higher atar, but mostly because I don't think I'd enjoy/be good at/actually try in them

  2. yeah Elisa if you really choose a course based on the idea that you think people will then not judge you because you didn't "waste" your atar that that's no good since unless you actually like it/and are interested in it then what's the point

    it's better to pick a course that you actually like regardless of whether it has a high or low atar