Friday, December 7, 2012

so many people assisted today. you could see where your money went.

you know, random thought, being a nurse isn't too bad, since it's not hard work, but you're still in a hospital.

nuclear medicine seems pretty cool. massive machines.

i always have the mindset that private anything > public anything (which completely contradicts the various posts/articles by Icedtrees)

just watched the last episode of season 2 sherlock holmes. MIND BLOWING. at first, i didn't really like where the episode was going, since it didn't have a lot of detective stuff, but i guess i didn't mind the whole plot thing. just googled how he came back alive. they are pretty plausible theories online. i understand why people can't wait for season 3! maybe they should also make a sherlock holmes 3 movies, since they have the tv series doing a season 3...

i'm also up to date in modern family and glee. i see what ten meant by fast tracked. i thought they didn't have enough money and just stopped putting it on tv, but it's actually because the episode isn't even out in America yet. i guess hk will get my mind off what happens next, and then watch them when i get back (:
but cliffhangers! ):

my "to go" list of places to eat/go is longer than my "to buy" list. i've decided the 2nd day i go to hk i'll go to my aunty's house to take some clothes. not sure if i told you guys this, but she sleeps in the living room since 2 of her rooms are filled with bags of clothes (the 3rd room is her husband's)

bro going to hk tmr already.


  1. i also have a grudge against apple and people who like apple products

    1. oh damn, we can't be friends...

      jokes, jokes (: