Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glee Marathon

my whole body full ached yesterday after trekking all over the place on monday and carrying all my bags since i decided bringing a suitcase and walking around the place would look even lamer. haven't carried a backpack since september, so my shoulders were aching yday (and kind of a bit now) and i also slept for 13hours yday, record. then i felt sleepy the whole day.

today and yesterday i had a glee marathon. re-watched all of season four so far, part of season three, and starting from the beginning. when it first came out, i didn't really follow it, and just watched it whenever it was on and i had free time. it's actually really predictable, but i like their voices (: and initially i thought season 4 would be bad, since most shows after the 3rd season goes bad, like Lost, i followed the first 4 season, and then it was ridiculous, and skipped to the last 2 episodes, and Heroes, was my favourite tv show for 2 seasons, then everyone started to have super powers which wasn't that fun to watch.

i could have a glee marathon any day over a LOTR marathon, but i'll still try to watch them before uni starts.

soo many chores. oh well, good exercise, and walking a lot over sunday/monday was also good exercise (:
going to gain so much weight when i go hk, oh wells, there's good and cheap food over there (:

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