Friday, November 30, 2012

Sentimental Pens

Third full day at home since hsc ended.
well i should have done an errand today, but was ceebs-do later...

what have i become since the holidays started? a taxi driver and a secretary. lol, not work, it's part of my "house chores."

apparently now i'm going on the 14th. still not fully decided, better than 18th i guess.
nts: don't book tickets so early next time. things happen, things change, and thus had to pay extra iphone 4s to change from my original date.

this sucks:

it's like how i went in '07 that they were almost finishing smallworld, so i had to wait 2 years to go in '09. and in '09 they were almost finished another addition and have to wait till this year to go. now,  have to wait x years for mystic point.

to go to disneyland between 24 dec to 1 jan w/ the whole family and wait in ridiculously long lines? or go after 1 jan and miss out on the xmas themed disneyland, but have shorter lines...and i'm pretty sure i just miss out on their chinese new year celebration themed disneyland. and i want to go to their halloween themed one, but who has holidays in october in uni?

everytime i go hk disneyland, i always go when they have the xmas stuff, but my dad still hasn't been to hk one before, since we go there before he arrives in hk..

not sure if this makes sense.

spent quite a lot of time sorting through my pens. approx 60+, never ended up counting them though..i have a lot of "sentimental" pens.
took up 1/4 of my drawer. don't have the will to go through the rest of the drawer...

yay for our group spending minimal money on schoolies! random thought...

bro gone for youth camp=quiteness for the weekend, but i was actually looking forward to playing boardgames with him. feel kind of monopoly deal deprived...

yes! made it through spring by wearing long pants at home. new record! i'm very heat intolerant, so to wear long pants on a day like this is a pb.

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