Sunday, December 23, 2012

bro got back from China yesterday was supposed to be the day before, but their flight delayed for like 12 hours and they went to the crown hotel for free! according to my bro, it seems like 6 stars (even though it doesn't exist). at least he said china was fun, better to spend that money playing rather than changing the date of his ticket. and he rememberd about me and bought me a legit pearl necklace, i'm not a pearl fan, but at least he bought me something, and it's purple.

ceebs recounting all my days.

i bought starbucks today, but was disppointed, since 1/4 of the cup was ice ):

yay, surprise phone calls with good news from relatives =D although i will have to pay back my parents when i get back to aus...

need to do a post about where i'm living in hk right now. i really like it (:

i haven't bought a single piece of winter clothing in my first week at hk, all i've bought are summer and work clothes.

i still have a week to figure out what to do next year..

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