Wednesday, December 26, 2012


casually got given $10 000, some diamond earrings and a really cute silver necklace from my great uncle today. even if it's in hk dollars, it's still quite a bit of cash to hold. don't get me wrong, i did share it with my family. my great uncle really likes me (: last time he gave me diamond rings and more jewelery, but this time more cash. yay! i don't have to use my own money to pay for my iPhone, that 10K will defs pay for it in full (:

and he shouted my family last time for our trip to macau where we lived in 5 star hotels for a few nights (: i still remember the really cool electronic fogless mirror. also, i forgot which year, but he paid for one of my hk tickets before (yep, didn't even pay for his own nephew, my dad, but paid for his grand-neice..)

he owns like 10 jewelery stores around hk, macau and china, so it explains how he casually can give my legit jewelery for free (unlike how i'm pretty sure the pearls my brother got who he claims are real are probs fake since it's impossible to get it for so cheap, but at least they look nice..) he asked if he needed to support my uni studies since he really likes to support kids to study, but i'm like "nah, it's ok". apparently he also supports like 10 other relatives' kids to study.

also went to The Symphony of Lights. going this time, i don't think its as good as last time because:
a) it was cloudy-ish
b) less laser and less colour varieties
c) the economy is worse so it only went for like 10ish minutes.

had maccas for the first time in hk for dinner. totes stylish xmas relatives on my mum's side always have a massive xmas party every year, but i think this year, for once, they're trying to save money, so they're having a combined new year/x,as least there will be prezzies for family raffle draw thing and heaps of food (: BUT THERE WILL BE NO TURKEY! ): last year they bought this massive carving set for a leg of spanish ham and a turkey. the whole set includes the stand, knife, fork like thing, mesh glove and other assorted stuff costs more than the massive ham.

even though i live in a hole in hk, coming back from tsim sha tsui was less than 20 aussie bucks. i love taxis in hk (:

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