Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Loader

i feel so popular in hk. everyone wants to have dinner with me. so i choose depending on what type of food they can offer.

i went sushi train today! 2nd time in my life. had 22 plates between four people, and we were actually full. last time i only had 3 plates since it's sooo expensive in aus. another aunty asked me to have sushi train with them, but i picked the other one since they have a car =D and i can only see the other uncle on weekends since he works in China. parking spaces there are soooooo small, and it was the more expensive side. you cannot open your door. wider cars will have both tires on top of the parking line, and some cars have to go over to the other parking space. if you have a medium size car, it won't fit and the front of your car will go over the front line-so ridiculous. i have photos.

then hot pot for dinner with some relatives' relatives' relatives (: everyone is so friendly even though i've never met them before. the whole "fighting" for the food spirit is really fun.

didn't have to pay a single cent today. all the clothes and food and transport absolutely free (: maybe my parents might pay them back, but i doubt it, since i wanted to pay for my own clothes but they did the asian thing.

also, at a store, theline to pay was so ridiculously long, they had a guy holding up a sign saying "Please queue up here" so you knew where the line ended, and it was a pretty big store.

really need to stop buying clothes. i've only bought around 10 pieces of summer clothing. still wearing a t-shirt around the place, while everyone is wearing massive down jackets, i hate down jackets, and even if you give me one, i probs won't take it back, since one big jacket equals around 20 pieces of summer clothes.

it's actually quite nice to not have parents with you, since i can have good quality meals with relatives for free, and i don't have to use my parents' money to pay.this week without parents have been good since i get to choose which relatives to visit. i've pretty much been to all of the department stores on the west part of the mtr line. they're just department stores, but the xmas decorations are really different in their own ways.

oh, i saw a half travelator and half escalator today, so cool!

so many free clothes and shoes and food (:

new phone (: which can't be used atm ):

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