Friday, December 28, 2012

Les Miserables/High Tea/Ice Skating

Les Miserables was soooo good! defs one of my favs movies. i NEVER cry in movies, not even in marley and me and dog-like movies, but i kind of got a bit teary in this one. i thought i wouldn't like it since it was all sung out, but those songs were all deep and meaningful (: like seriously, there were less than 25 spoken words in the whole 2 hours. my cousin was full crying throughout it. you could also hear other people sniffling a bit, but there were also humourous parts.

just go and watch it (: i really like it. surprised people like russell crowe could sing.

oh, and i went to the ifc and the xmas decorations were sooo cool! xmas trees made out of yarn, and also different styles of dress. and the cinema was really nice, they actually call it a "house" instead of a cinema. seats were leather and wide, and i could fully extend my legs in front of me. sat in the 5th row even though my uncle already booked tickets a few days before. yeah, it was a full house, but 5th row was alright.

had hotpot dinner and got home at 1am...

before that i went to high tea at The Upper House. everything was so posh, but the menu description sounded better than it actually was. the cutlery and stuff weren't as nice at qvb. qvb tasted better, portions were a bit bigger and also more tea choices.

i can't ice skate to save my life. i would rather bungee jump off a cliff than go ice skate at full speed.

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