Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Draft Time

going to post my draft posts. they're all actually completed, except either blogger or my internet screwed up, so i thought i posted them, but they never ended up being posted.
and then i clicked all of them, and they all disappeared!!! ): so i went back, and then i could only save one old draft. i may have accidentally deleted it

from a while ago: (i also deleted a 100th post/ramble about btown, and other stuff...)

write, so the orange pencil button is for a new post. i think this is more stylish-word-document-ish, hopefully i'll get used to it... excitement for hunger games. they make me happy, since i haven't been reading anything good these days.
finished book 2 today. 2 books in 2 days. this is a record for me. (i'm a slow reader) it sucks how my brother reads faster than me and tries to spoil the story with truths/ know, his school studied the first book in year 8, how cool! he was one of those who "read the book before it was popular"

ahhh, the book is so ridiculous, as in funny (?) ridiculous...


got a letter from uac today, which reminds me that i need to change my preferences. haven't logged in ever since...before hsc...i think? isk, more than 2 months ago. i don't remember what my 1st preference is...awks...

also, i will admit that sherlock holmes, the modern tv seriers is better than the movies, but i still love the movies since they have some action and i like the actors, it's just that the tv show has really cool crime scene stuff, and the plots are pretty smart. like the one i watched today: "i am SHERlocked" ingenious! please watch it guys (:

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