Thursday, December 13, 2012


i have a habit of packing things the day before, in reality, it's really the hour before i leave i do most of my packing. like when people came to my house just before schoolies, i was still eating/packing.

i think i used to pack heaps early, but realised it was a waste of time/took up space in my room/hallway, so leaving it until i really need to pack is good.

also, sometimes you need this piece of clothing but it's already packed, so you'd have to dig for it, but packing the day before eliminates this "frustration" (not sure what word to use here...) there's actually not much to pack.

i have ~20kg of food which i need to take and lug to the airport ):

i still have changed/checked my preferences. kind of forgot what order i put stuff in. awks.

another day of Glee. don't know why i'm so into it since tues. am i missing high school? not atm. i mean, my high school life was probs around 2% of what glee has. the only thing in common between our high school life and theirs are the bells/periods.
finished season 2. well, i kind of skipped parts (obviously) since there's 22 episodes 43min each, which is approx 16 hours, which leaves 8 hours to sleep, but i like my 10-12 hour sleep, and then there are chores...i was actually quite excited for doing chores during hsc =/

hk tomorrow! going to try not to over buy.
by tomorrow night, i would have been to 5 different airports in one week!
5th planes ride in a week! setting new pb's (: yay planes and airports!

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  1. Oh wow, lucky you! It's pretty cool to find another person that loves planes as much as I do. I really like airports, haha.