Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome Back Day

nooooooooo. i missed ozharvest free food yesterday ))): i remembered the project mentioned it earlier in the year, and i remembered roughly it was around the middle of the year, but i didn't put it in my diary/register in my head that it was yday, and i had plenty of time! why did i choose to go to a hip cafe...

we had a farm at uni today, well i petting zoo. didn't touch any, but it's kinda cool have animals on campus. they also had this bull where you ride on and it tries to throw you off (onto the inflatable stuff). got a free bbq, but couldn't be bothered to line up for popcorn.

so many people went melbourne last week to watch soccer. mcg looks bigger than scg. next time i go melbourne, i will go to a few of george's restuarant and gary's boathouse, which is on masterchef tmr....and the people who use oasis dating site in melb, how lucky, (i think) they all got a free meal of masterchef food. these few weeks until it finishes (and if uni doesn't get too hectic, which is a joke in itself...), i'm watching masterchef online. hate those ads online.

slowly compiling my list to go places for next break. hopefully i'll find a job, since when you cafes and you buy something decent with a coffee, it costs at least 20 (and completely trashes my whole less than 10 dollar thing). but i must go soon! looking at food, and prices from last year to this year for almost all "hip" cafes have gone up $1-3, for the same, if not smaller portions.

instagram has given me "inspiration" on where and what to eat. i can only day dream since i have no moneys ):

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