Friday, July 19, 2013

Baking Day

thanks Dandelion for hosting! hopefully we didn't trouble your dad too much (:

next time, we should defs get there earlier, and start baking earlier. the rainbow cake didn't have that vibrant colour, but the pastel colours looked so pretty. i haven't dealt with 1kg of butter at one time before. in our house, we never use butter in cooking (and only for baking if it's necessary). that rainbow cake was more than a half butter. ceebs uploading pics.

the zumbo cake actually turned out pretty good. too bad we didn't have time to do the "mirror glaze". i'll make another cake and use that on top hopefully before next sem starts.

i always want to make so much stuff, but half the time i don't have the equipment or the ingredients, so i just stick with basics since it's cheaper and i have basic equipment. really would love to attempt some cool stuff, but then i'll need kitchen scales, proper pastry brush, more moulds etc. so many things/holes that prevents me from making things. i guess i'll really have to think imaginatively and substitute stuff.

bought $10 worth of crepes from group on. i think i had mother's crepes once in Japan, even in Japan, they were kind of expensive.

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