Wednesday, July 3, 2013

El Loco and Bourke St Bakery

i bought my first piece of clothing since eofy sales this year. everything else i got, my mum bought it for me. bought a dress originally 90 down to 30 (: also the other day, i went to a normal bloch store, saw the exact same pair of flats but they were black, and asked how much they were-$170! does anyone even buy that full price? yay for 170 down to 20 (:

Batter's 18th was at El Loco, but that was the weekend before visn exam, so i couldn't go, but i went today! 

i got a $5 beef taco. lemongrass beef which was nice, the cheese was really finely grated so (: and not too spicy. the guacamole was pretty good, except i couldn't taste any tanginess from the lemon/lime, oh wells, avocado itself it nice (:

originally we were going to find a cafe, but we didn't. we actually trekked our way up the hill to bourke st bakery. i've heard from friends their tarts re really good, and they are renowned. well even in urbanspoon, they're one of the top hits.

i got a lemon curd tart and a ginger brulee tart. something sour, something sweet. they survived all the way back to home! yay.
the pastry was so good. buttery (as expected) but crunchy and "light" at the same time, unlike those asian fruit tarts where there is 1.5cm of pastry which is not crunchy and just feels dense and hard.
lemon tart not too sour. i just had to buy the ginger brulee tart, since i've never heard of one before. the burnt sugar was a bit bitter, and surprisingly the filling wasn't super sweet. there was a subtle hint of giner, which is good, since i'm not a massive fan of ginger and i don't think this would be very popular is all you could taste was ginger. yum (:

look at how thin the base is! when i cut it open, there was this satisfying "crack" (:

ended up walking down and back up the hill to gelato messina. i didn't have the hands to google it, and i thought people new the way....i didn't get anything since i only wanted the small cake gelato or nothing. i just had outside home ice cream on sunday, so i want to "spread out" my ice cream tasting experience.

random park in surry hills (:

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