Wednesday, July 3, 2013


walked by yesterday and say free froyo. so glad i got there 15mins before opening time. that was the line in front of me, the line behind me was two times that length, all the way to Bathurst st. and according to their fb page, the line right now (at night) is still that long.

IT WAS SO EXCITING. why? because it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. unlike other grand openings where it's half price, or cheaper, this is better since it's self serve, free, and free toppings. THE FLAVOURS THEY HAVE ARE ALL SO UNIQUE! just looking right now at their website, oh wow, so many flavours that weren't there in store. they have 52!! there were about 15 flavours today, and they gave us a "mini" sized cup. i didn't want to make it too high since it would topple over and you'd end up getting froyo hands. heaps of people had really messy hands.

i think i managed to fit about 12 flavours inside. you see that gap on the right hand side? it was so hard to control the self serve since if you pull it down then quickly release it, you still end up getting about 5cm froyo ( i wanted a smaller size to sample all the flavours).

from memory, i got: red velvet cupcake, pistachio, taro, french vanilla, madagascar vanilla bean, new york cheesecake, cookies and cream, strawberry, strawberry lemonade sorbet, guava grapefruit sorbet, hazulnet latte, peach. i avoided the chocolate ones since i didn't have enough space. i think it's impossible to try all their unique flavours. really like yogurtland because of their unique flavours (((:

my favourite? i think ny cheesecake. it actually tasted like cheesecake unlike moochi (sorry). red velvet was pretty nice. also, their taro was white, and tasted better than the taro i had yday. sorbet not bad, but i would obviously go to an ice cream shop for sorbet. i think out of all of the ones i tasted, strawberry tasted artificial, like you could kind of tell it didn't taste like real strawberries...not a big fan of toppings, but since it was free, i got some pearls, tried to shove it in the gaps, but they had big spoons, so it was hard to put the toppings through the gap without the spoon touching the froyo. there was a topping called "delish" and it looked/texture was like mochi, but the pink one was super duper sweet i think it ruined the froyo. so if i go there again (probs will since they gave out vouchers for "your first 3oz free"), defs not get toppings. 

texture wise, it wasn't bad (yogurt world is still better). not too yogurty. except it melted pretty quickly, but that was expected, since they have to church so much froyo in such a short time span.

also, they measure the mass in oz. i think 60c per oz, something like that. they made us measure it. the above was $6.15, so aww yeah, totes worth my time! i only waited for about 15mins.

just looked at their page again. grand opening at parra. am i bothered to trek there early? possibly.

they have stores in sydney already, but i think george st would be the most popular (for obvious reasons). went on a froyo liking spree on fb. must keep up with that free/discounted froyo (:

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