Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Baron

finally went to The Baron in Castle Towers today. i've literally walked past there for years but never went inside.

tbh, i think those "cute/hipster" cafes are overpriced, but i hardly go, so it's ok i guess. when i got my SMH Good food/cafe guide, the baron was the only one in castle towers. coffee was good, still no expert in describing coffee, but it was nice and silky and the coffee taste came through despite it being a  latte (which are usually mild).

latte $3.50, bacon and egg roll:double smoked bacon, free range eggs, avocado, housemade aioli & tomato relish-$10.

damn, on the website, the bacon and egg roll was $9, so i went at a bad time when they increased prices. better to go now than was good (: the egg was cooked nice and runny and not over salted, same goes with bacon-wasn't too salty, avo nice and fresh, if there was a bit more sauce, it would've been even better.

elvis slider (the kings dirty little secret) - crunchy peanut butter, double smoked bacon & aioli-$5.50

this brioche was tiny, smaller than an orange, but it was the cheapest thing on the menu (apart from the sides). it was actually really good. somehow, peanut butter and bacon matches perfectly! next time i have some peanut butter in the house (we almost never do since the nuts themselves go off quite quickly), i shall pair some bacon and peanut butter. the peanut butter wasn't as thick as the jars, it was slightly liquidy and became another sauce. i'm not a big fan of peanut butter, but this one was good.

wasn't full from that, so i don't understand how big grown men are full from this type of stuff. this was probs their second lunch or they were going to go somewhere after as well.

went make up shopping today. as most of you know, i don't bother with make-up. forgot how expensive good quality foundation is. i don't think i'll go back to "cheap" make-up like revlon, even though it's cheaper, the quality is not as good as "bigger brands". a tiny bottle for so much money. well i did get the person to do a two moisturising creams, two different foundations, powder, blush, this other non-reflective powder (forgot what it was called), then tried other creams. also, they gave us free hand cream since we spent over X amount and the cream itself was $25 (even though we have heaps of cream at home), so i guess the one item i got wasn't too hard on the wallet.

i finally bought a super slim kitchen scale! yay $12 from kmart (: cheaper than ebay.

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