Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wisdom Teeth: Part 1

i know right? part one. turns out i have to get the 2 upper ones pulled out as well, when they pose a problem.

i thought i would be teeth pain free and problem free after getting 4 teeth out for braces, but no, got 2 wisdom teeth taken out. the painnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

yes, it's even more painful. and horrible. i shall describe the horrific experience. so glad i never even thought about being a dentist. i have no problem with blood since i used to get super long nose bleeds, but teeth and blood is different.

so one of my wisdom teeth was there since you could see it from the xray, but didn't emerge from the gum. i went to the dentist not hospital to get it pulled out since he said they weren't that bad. so horrible. feeling the needle going into you mouth (i had to get an extra needle like last time since it didn't feel numb enough) and then argh, i pretended i "went under" with drugs. you could hear him sawing my tooth in half and then all those other dentisty noises. my other teeth was half emerged and not as slanted, so it didn't need to be sawn in half. then you could see the string and getting stitches. first time ever getting stitches, and what's worse is that it's inside your mouth where you can easily get infections and right now, i can't even open my mouth properly, nor do i want to, don't want to see bloody gums with stitches.

luckily i stuffed myself with food the past few days, since i hardly ate any dinner. hellooo congee and mashed up stuff for the rest of the week.

used the noggie voucher before i got my wisdom teeth pulled out. tried the cherry, and it wasn't that nice. anyways, i'm banned from eating glacier cherries, if you still don't know, the cherries in sugar/syrup produces worms, and it's not only in china/us, it's also in aus.

got taro and biscotti with lychee pearls, kiwi and mochi (which is pretty nice). i was thinking of getting strawberry, but they didn't looked fresh, you know the colour they turn if you put them in the fridge for too long, yeah that colour, which is why "gourmet"froyo like yogurt world is the best, you can see them cutting up fresh strawberries/other fruits. they are so cunningly deceiving. the voucher was for $10 worth of stuff. the maxi was 7.50, the next size up was $14+ so either we lose some value or have to put in extra. they had honey butter bread for 9 but they said it wasn't available at that time (nor would i even eat that stuff at froyo place) same with over price $8 one waffle. you can get nicer waffles for that price/make them yourself. so we just got maxi w/toppings included and a green tea latte and ended up paying an extra dollar. it was so bad. too much matcha (and it tasted like bad quality matcha), we forgot to tell them to not add sugar, so it was super sweet, and milk was not frothed enough. yeah, pretty bad latte. also, the green looked like a leafy green =/ 2nd time having noggi, and it's not that great. 

i still have one more voucher. i didn't expect from the time i bought the voucher to next week (the expiry date) that i would have had 5 free froyos and 2 other discounted froyos. i think i'm sick of froyo, so if anyone wants to buy the $10 voucher for $5 for george st off me, tell me! or else i would probs have to force myself to eat it. and if i do end up going, i would calculate the prices with different sizes and not have toppings like my 1st time, and get as close to 10 bucks as possible. i thought 10 bucks would get me a massive bowl/pyrex jug, turns out they cost 19.50. rip off. apart from yogurt world this year, i've onyl bought 1 full priced froyo, and i would like to keep it like that (again, yogurt world doesn't go into this exception, since their froyo is actually good and worth the price tag)

also, their packaging has gone cheaper since march. their logo on their cup isn't as green as it used to be, and their serviettes are just normal ones, they used to have their logo printed on it. everyone's cutting back on costs these days. so am i. staying at home for the whole week, which means i also don't have to waste expensive petrol going to places.

feeling so out of it from all the pain etc that i accidentally knocked over a cup, and it was a new one. my dad accidentally broke one as well, so now we only have 2 cups left form that set. can't even talk.

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