Monday, July 8, 2013

Le Pain Quotidien

first time going out to the city to have breakfast. belgium breakfast.

the cafe is pretty good and it was cheap! originally it was 16, but because i like to save money, used group on vouchers, so the whole meal was $6. it was really good!

bro had the hot chocolate with belgium chocolate. tried a bit, so good. unlike normal cafes, this one did not use chocolate sauce. people say "oh, this hot choc is so good" because it's sweet and they use chocolate syrup (which is cheaper than using actual chocolate), but this isn't normal plain choc sauce. this is belgium chocolate, and it's been melted in a nice mini jug. it's actually not sweet, since you can taste the dark chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth, this won't be nice for you. the milk was frothed to perfection! after my bro finished pouring it out in his bowl, i scraped the rest of the froth stuck to the jug.


mocha. i'm used to my mocha being a bit sweet, but since it's dark chocolate, it kind of cut out the coffee and sweetness.

story is, the waitress set down the bowl of coffee and said it was mocha, so i started drinking it. then i'm like "this isn't barely sweet at all" so i started to add some choc from my bro's jug, then my mum said her coffee was too sweet. turns out the waitres got it wrong, and i started to drink my mum's cappacino. the thing with mocha is that it can vary in shades and taste, so i was thinking my "mocha" didn't have enough flavour...we swapped coffees after a few sips.

i asked for the juice to be take away, since i knew i wouldn't be able to finish it.

i got the almond croissant. so good! it's nice and flaky and not too sweet even though it has icing sugar, and unlike woolies/coles/costco croissants in which all you can taste it butter, you could taste the almond in this one, so the butter wasn't overpowering! there was some coconut/almond paste inside. it was subtle since i couldn't really taste the coconut until after a few bites, but i didn't mind. 

my mum has 2 slices of 5 grain organic toast with 3 organic spreads (normally $4 which is a massive rip off. $4 you can buy a loaf of bread), and my bro had a blueberry muffin. the muffin was alright, nothing that special. my bro decided to add heaps of blueberry jam to his blueberry muffin-blueberry overload.

they don't have cups of coffees here, they have bowls. when we were waiting for our food, my mum was looking at other people (heaps of people used vouchers) and she was all like why couldn't we order soups instead of coffee, but i'm like the deal only included coffee and juice. then she saw this person putting in "pepper" in their "soup". turns out they serve their coffee in a bowl, a massive bowl. it's hard to take a photo of the massiveness, i was full form that coffee from the whole day. we all had regular sized drinks (normally $5.50 hot choc/mocha and $4.75 other coffees) and small is one of those normal sized asian rice bowls. so yes, that voucher was worth it. ended up taking the juices home.

went to Asian Express for lunch, again, group on. half priced lunch. the asians there were all so frantic about scanning our vouchers (to see if its legit i guess). food was wayyy too salty, even my bro said it was salty and he loves flavouring in his food. i only had a bit since i was still full from coffee. not that great there, even though it's cheap ($6 for a plate w/ dumplings or pan fried buns), wouldn't go there again. not worth putting up a photo.

the masterchef truck isn't at world square today. it was yday...oh wells, my bro said it was overpriced, but i still would like to buy something mastercheffy....

thanks batter for hosting the dinner! food was so good. would have eaten more if i wasn't so full from the morning. everyone's foods were so good! here's a pic of the dessert (: better's choc tart looks so professional (: and thanks Happy Apple for the bell haha.

so full. hopefully the fullness would last me tomorrow.

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