Sunday, July 28, 2013

i've slept a lot these holidays, more than post-hsc break...

manage to complete most of my "to-go places to eat". some left, hopefully i can go to them this week before next week gets hectic.

not looking forward to uni. 9am start tomorrow. ceebs. receiving emails about some hand in assignment thing needs to be due on thurs. we haven't even learnt anything yet.

i get to dissect stuff this sem! i thought that would be the first thing i did when i got into uni....but excited for dissecting stuff (:

love looking at food/cakes on websites, but ceebs going places to buy a cake for my birthday, like it would melt/slant when i'm going on/off buses, and people might bump into you in the city esp during after work peak hours, and it's too dangerous to bring a nice cake back home.

they say a textbook is prescribed, but last sem i bought one textbook and hardly touched it.  have not bought any books/course packs/textbooks. yep, totes prepped up.

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